About Us

Talts & Partners Law Firm is a modern law firm that advises its clients and offers high-quality attorney services in all major areas of law.

The firm has set a goal to be a trusted advisor who wants to and is able to, offer the best solutions for the most challenging transactions and disputes.
Our team's experience and qualifications allow us to be a worthy partner for our clients in the fields of business consulting, bankruptcy, and contract law as well as judicial and arbitration procedures. We have successfully advised and represented clients in relations with the state and local governments.
As we value the end result, we are always looking for integrated solutions that work, lead us forward and provide customer satisfaction. Today, we cooperate with several Estonian and international companies, our law firm has clients among private individuals as well as state and local government agencies. Our working languages are English, German, Russian and Finnish.


Talts & Partners Law Firm advises and represents clients in all major areas of law. Given our team's qualifications and experience, we cater to customers primarily in the following areas:
  • Corporate Law

    In the framework of Corporate Law we provide advice on matters related to the daily management of companies; we advise on carrying out transformations, divisions and mergers. Consulting in Corporate Law means drawing of various agreements, decisions and other legal documents, as well as counseling clients in shaping the corporate governance structure, regulation of relationships between the shareholders, and involvement in financing resources and in negotiations.
  • Law of Obligations

    Law of Obligations is the most prevalent area encountered in daily activities. We provide legal assistance in all areas of the Law of Obligations, i.e., both in the contractual matters as well as in noncontractual legal issues. We help to prepare the necessary draft contracts, including drawing up of a variety of contracts under the law of obligations, we represent the client in negotiations and, if necessary, in court and in the court of arbitration for resolving disputes arising from contracts.
  • Real Estate and Property Law

    We represent and advise our clients in all immovable property transactions, including the issues emerging in acquisition and division of immovables and on obtaining approvals. Among other things, our services include legal counseling related to limited property rights (including servitudes, mortgages, etc.) and various ownership restrictions.
  • Building and Planning Law

    We represent and advise our clients in all matters of the Building and Planning Laws. We can provide assistance in obtaining various permits and approvals, as well as in drawing up contracts related to planning and construction, and negotiations thereof.
  • Environmental Law

    During our practice so far, we have gained valuable experience in environmental and nature conservation issues. We provide advice on the issues concerning the environmental impact assessment and the use of the environment, including assistance with applying for various environmental permits and licenses. We also provide assistance in the preparation and negotiation of environmental agreements.
  • Taxation Law

    We have long-term and real experience in the area of tax consulting and tax disputes. Our taxation law-related services include practical legal assistance in tax planning, tax advice in various transactions, as well as the daily advice for companies on tax matters.
  • Bankruptcy Law

    The experience gained after years of practice give us the confidence to advise clients on all issues raised by the company's insolvency. We advise our clients on all matters and litigations related to insolvency. We provide legal services to creditors, debtors, as well as to persons against whom the claims have been filed in bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Labor law

    We represent and advise our clients on all matters related to labor relations. Among other things, we provide legal assistance in drawing up employment contracts, collective agreements, internal work procedure rules and job descriptions. We also have valuable experience in the issues of implementation, conclusion and termination of labor relations. We represent both employees and employers in labor dispute committees and in courts.
  • Public Procurements

    The legal advice offered by us covers counseling of suppliers and providers in all matters related to public procurement. We help in the evaluation and preparation of tender documents and bids, as well as in carrying out tenders, on the development of agreements and on negotiations. We represent our clients in public procurement dispute committees and in court.
  • Constitutional and Administrative Law

    We represent and counsel both businesses and individuals in dealing with authorities and local governments, including assistance in concluding, performance and termination of contracts under public law. We also have extensive experience in representing and advising local governments.
  • Civil and Administrative Court Proceedings

    We represent and advise our clients in civil and administrative court proceedings at all court levels. We assist in the compilation of an objective legal assessment of the client’s position, in drawing up statements of claim, appeals and other procedural documents, as well as in the conclusions, drafting of compromises and in settlement of disputes.
  • National and International Arbitration Procedures

    The arbitration procedure is an alternative to the resolution of disputes in which the method is generally more efficient and more flexible than the proceedings in the national court. We help on the conclusion of agreements on arbitration jurisdiction and on forming the arbitration panel. Also, the scope of our services includes representation in arbitration procedures and preparation and submission of all the procedural documents necessary for arbitration proceedings. In addition to counseling in arbitration proceedings, we have also experience in acting as arbitrators.
  • Misdemeanor and Criminal Proceedings

    Our services include defending and counseling clients in misdemeanor and criminal proceedings. When representing the victims and defending the suspects and defendants, we specialize, in particular, in tax frauds, economic and office-related offenses.
  • Conciliation Procedure

    Conciliation procedures are an advantageous and beneficial alternative for dispute resolution, where the parties have the possibility of reaching an extrajudicial settlement. Conciliation procedures include primarily carrying out a confidential conciliation process taking into account the interests of all sides, and compilation of solution proposals. We also help formalize the agreements concluded as a result of the conciliation procedure.


  • Raul Talts, Attorney at Law
    Raul Talts
    Attorney at Law

    Phone: +372 623 3017
    E-mail: raul@abtalts.ee

    Main areas of activity
    Corporate Law
    Contract law
    Real Estate and Property Law
    Building and Planning Law
    Environmental Law
    Taxation Law
    Public Procurements
    Civil and Administrative Court Proceedings
    Penal Law

    Work Experience
    Attorney at Law, Raul Talts is a member of the Estonian Bar Association since 2004, and attorney at law starting from 2006. Until the summer of 2007, Raul Talts worked as an attorney at law in the Aivar Pilv Law Office, and from 2007 to 2013 in Lentsius & Talts Law Office as an attorney at law and as a partner. In his professional activity, Raul is dedicated to providing advice to companies in all major areas of law, which companies are exposed to in their day-to-day operations.

    Estonian, English, German, Russian

    Other Interests
    Since 2012, Raul has been the chairman of the disciplinary committee of the Estonian Basketball Association.

  • Tõnis Juurmann, Attorney at Law
    Tõnis Juurmann
    Attorney at Law

    Phone: +372 623 3017
    E-mail: tonis@abtalts.ee

    Main areas of activity
    Environmental Law
    Transportation Law
    Contract Law
    Real Estate and Property Law
    Building and Planning Law
    Bankruptcy Law
    Labor Law
    Constitutional and Administrative Law
    Civil and Administrative Court Proceedings
    Proceedings of extra-judicial dispute resolution bodies

    Work Experience
    Attorney at Law Tõnis Juurmann has been a member of the Estonian Bar Association since 2009, and attorney at law starting from 2012. From 2008 to 2012 Tõnis Juurmann worked as a lawyer and advocate in Law Firm Alvin, Rödl & Partner and from 2013 to 2014 in the Law Firm Glikman, Alvin & Partners as an attorney at law. Tõnis specializes in particular on a variety of court and arbitration proceedings, including the representation of clients in extra-judicial dispute resolution bodies.

    Estonian, English, Finnish